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Prayer Request: Prayer request for Somalia

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Prayer request for Somalia (Feb 1, 2018)

Prayer Request:
=13.3333px[color=#000000]May I request prayer for Somalia? I requested prayer for D R Congo and[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxThese are the =13.3333pxprayer items I pray usually =13.3333pxwhen I walk,[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxAnd I'd like to share it to more people to pray.[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=10ptSomalia desperately need your prayer.For they were abandoned past 25 years as bleeding body, [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=10ptNow because of drought, actually people even walk 100km cannot find food.=10pt(W=10ptithout sandstorm nothing left on vast =10ptdesert.) [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=10pt78% people didn't have any malaria protection(In 2011),now (in 2018) =10ptrefugee numbers are =10pt8 hundred thousand,orphan numbers are =10pt6 hundred thousand ,[/color] =12px[color=#000000]Most of all,everything we remind for =10ptSomalia is drying. (Herd of c=10ptattle,=13.3333pxwhole country's=13.3333px land,) [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=10ptPlease pray for children under 5 years old life in danger by =10ptpneumonia,diarrhea,measles,birth trauma,malnutrition=10pt,low birth weight. (Which most children are dying) ,t=10pto no more rage on cholera,=10ptfor p=10ptregnant women,(For maternal mortality rate is high),=10ptShabelle Region.(The =10ptca=10ptpital of Al-shabaab (Somali version IS),the worst land of Somalia.,=13.3333px).[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxT=10pto=10pt end the 'civil war' ,ex=10pttermination of Al-shabaab (Their Sharia law) an=10ptd for =10ptrefugees. [/color] =12px[color=#000000]Let me tell you that n=13.3333pxeighboring Ethiopia,Kenya's situation is similar.If you can, please=13.3333px pray for them =13.3333pxalso. (e.g.=13.3333pxC=13.3333pxhildren under 5 years old pneum=13.3333pxonia,birth trauma in Kenya=13.3333px) [/color] =12px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxI'd like to add a short journal : =13.3333px [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]Thank you for your mind and =13.3333pxprayer, =13.3333pxMahadsanid! [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxAddress : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Republic of [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]Phone : 827042363835 Email :[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000] [/color]  

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